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Middle Savannah River Valley Projects

Middle Savannah River Valley ProjectsActive fieldwork in the middle Savannah River valley by Sassaman ended in 1999 with work at Stallings Island, the namesake site for the Late Archaic culture that was the focus of research for over a decade. Besides Stallings Island (9CB1), substantial test excavations were conducted at the three other sites near Augusta, Georgia: Victor Mills (9CB138) in Columbia County, Georgia, and Ed Marshall (38ED5), and Mims Point (38ED9) in Edgefield County, Georgia. Fieldwork at these sites followed a two-year period of collections analysis on Stallings pottery from the region, the oldest in North America.

Middle Savannah River Valley ProjectsMiddle Savannah River Valley Projects Although fieldwork has ceased, laboratory analysis and report writing continues into the near future. In the works is a comprehensive report of excavations at the four sites listed above, coupled with specialized analyses of animal and plant remains, terrestrial snails, and bivalves. In addition, research continues on the William Claflin collection housed at Peabody Museum at Harvard.

Middle Savannah River Valley Projects

The publication of final reports on Stallings archaeology will come eventually, but in the meantime, the interested reader is directed to some of the publications already available on various aspects of the project, and a popular version of the research, titled People of the Shoals, provides a broader context for both the archaeology and the history of the people it aims to understand.

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