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Sydney RobersonSydney Roberson

M.A. student, Anthropology, Univ. of Florida
B.A., Anthropology, Univ. of Florida, 2013

Background and Research Interests

Sydney’s research interests lie in the Gulf Coast of Florida, examining soapstone vessel sherds as a means to identify trade networks in the lower southeast during the Late Archaic period. She is also interested in the movement of soapstone and other materials and how this influenced political powers and negotiations.

Current Research Projects

During her undergraduate career at the University of Florida Sydney began researching soapstone found in the Gulf Coast of Florida. Using the geologic technique of petrography, she analyzed soapstone sherds for mineralogical variation. To further this research for her Master’s thesis, Sydney plans on collecting comparative samples of soapstone from quarry sites in order to source the Gulf Coast samples.

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