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Asa R. RandallAsa R. Randall

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Oklahoma

Ph.D., Anthropology, Univ. of Florida, 2010
M.A., Anthropology, Univ. of Florida, 2002
B.A., Archaeological Studies, Boston Univ., 1999

Background and Research Interests

Asa’s early research centered on the technology and mobility practices of Paleoindian and Early Archaic societies (12,000-9000 years ago) along Alabama’s middle Tennessee River Valley. In 2003, Asa joined Ken Sassaman’s long term project investigating the histories of Middle to Late Archaic (ca. 7000-4000 years ago) communities along the middle St. Johns River Valley in northeast Florida. This region is best known for monumental shell mounds, many of which were places of habitation and ceremonial practices. Asa’s research has examined how communities modified and politicized shell mounds through time in the context of regional hydrological and social change.

Current Research Projects

Asa’s research along the middle St. Johns continues. His fieldwork is currently centered on the preceramic Archaic shell works at the Silver Glen Run complex, which affords an unparalleled opportunity to reconstruct the emergence of multiple shell mounds in place. Asa is also developing a regional geodatabase of Archaic shell mounds using historic observations, excavation results, and contemporary geospatial data. A similar integrative approach to fieldwork and historic resources is being planned for use along the Lower Suwannee River Valley. In both cases cultural resources have suffered in the past century from shell mining and erosion.

Recent Publications

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