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Micah P. MonÚsMicah P. MonÚs

Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology, Univ. of Florida
M.A., Anthropology, Univ. of Florida, 2005
B.A., Anthropology, Ithaca College, 1998

Background and Research Interests

After working in Jamaica and Tobago, Micah completed M.A. research on the lithic assemblages of Tobago. His research presented a preliminary description and discussion of the lithic assemblages recovered from three sites spanning the duration of known prehistoric occupation of Tobago. Work in Florida has likewise spanned the duration of prehistoric occupation and has included underwater and wet-site archaeology.

Current Research

Beginning in 2009 research is focused on Lower Suwannee Archaeological Survey. Micah has been involved in the initial survey and excavations of coastal sites near the mouth of the Suwannee River. His research is currently focused on the Shell Mound Unit of The Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge. Preliminary investigations of the islands in the Shell Mound Unit have revealed extensive Woodland era occupations and an anthropogenic landscape in which deposits of marine shell are common above and below ground, in middens as well as in monuments.

Recent Publications

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