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Paulette S. McFaddenPaulette S. McFadden

Ph.D., Anthropology, Univ. of Florida, 2015
M.A., Anthropology, East Carolina Univ., 2009
B.A., Anthropology, East Carolina Univ., 2007

Background and Research Interests

Paulette conducted her doctoral research under the auspices of the Laboratory of Southeastern Archaeology while at the University of Florida. Her geoarchaeological research focused on reconstructing a chronology of sea-level rise and coastal evolution in Horseshoe Cove on the northern Gulf Coast of Florida as a means to investigate the effect of environmental change on human-landscape relationships at associated archaeological sites.

Current Research

After earning her Ph.D., Paulette joined the Florida Museum of Natural History as a postdoctoral associate where she is collaborating with Neill J. Wallis on the Horseshoe Cove Survey. This project expands upon Paulette’s previous research in Horseshoe Cove and seeks to create a more complete history of environmental change and human occupation in this area of the coast through additional coring and testing at archaeological sites.

Recent Publications

Technical Reports

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