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Ginessa J. MaharGinessa J. Mahar

Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology, Univ. of Florida
M.A., Anthropology, Hunter College, 2010
B.A., Anthropology, Stony Brook Univ., 2002

Background and Research Interests

Before Ginessa joined the Laboratory of Southeastern Archaeology at UF, she worked in the North American Archaeology Lab at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Early work at the museum involved the analysis of Spanish Mission materials recovered in excavations from 16th century Mission Santa Catalina de Guale. This project allowed her to explore the tumultuous Spanish colonial period of the southeast and the uses of nondestructive analytical techniques in material culture analysis, such as portable X-Ray fluorescence. Her interest in archaeometry then expanded into remote sensing technologies and their uses on archaeological sites.

While working at the museum, Ginessa completed her M.A., which focused on two Late Archaic (5800–3200 cal yr B.P.) shell ring sites on St. Catherines Island, GA. Her thesis involved the comparison of the two rings using geophysical survey, analysis, and excavation. Her study showed that appropriate geophysical testing can add insightful information that could be missed through excavation alone. This research inspired an interest in the settlement patterns and landscape usage of Late Archaic and Early Woodland hunter-gatherer populations along the southeast coast.

Current Research Projects

Ginessa has been able to continue her interest in southeastern coastal archaeology through the Lower Suwannee Archaeological Survey, a part of the Laboratory of Southeastern Archaeology. Her dissertation will be focused on the ancient fishing technologies employed along the Florida Gulf Coast. To do this, Ginessa will be integrating both archaeological and ethnographic approaches. Specifically, she hopes to use a mixed methods approach to develop new models of fishing practices that can be used to better interpret the archaeological record regarding past human-environmental interactions along Florida’s coast. So far Ginessa has been working with crews from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and hopes to begin working with current fishing communities along the coast as well.

Recent Publications

Selected Conference Presentations

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