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Jessica A. JenkinsJessica A. Jenkins

M.A. student, Anthropology, Univ. of Florida
B.A., Anthropology, College of William and Mary, 2012

Background and Research Interests

As an undergraduate, Jessiís research focused on Algonquian communities in the Chesapeake area, Virginia. Her senior thesis explored subsistence practices, specifically focusing on oyster procurement, from a midden site along the York River. As well as working in the Chesapeake, Jessi has done field work in Barbados, as well as contract archaeology in various parts of Virginia and Louisiana.

Current Research Projects

For her Masterís thesis, Jessi will continue her work with oyster shell analysis, looking at oysters from shell mounds along the Florida Gulf Coast. Specifically she will be focusing on salinity studies and the idea of intensive long-term sustainable subsistence practices.

Conference Presentations

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