The Laboratory of Southeastern Archaeology (LSA) is a dedicated facility of ~1,700 square feet that houses staff and students, archaeological collections, and field and lab equipment. Most of the lab consists of open work space for processing and analyzing archaeological materials (below). Curated temporarily at the LSA are collections from sites in the middle St. Johns River valley and northern Gulf Coast of Florida, as well as the middle Savannah River valley of Georgia and South Carolina.

Interior of the LSA

The LSA is located on the western margin of the University of Florida campus in Gainesville. The fenced-in compound on the south side of Radio Road is tucked away in a dense stand of majestic oak trees. It can be hard to find, but if you type “Lab of Southeastern Archeology” in the UF Campus Map (http://campusmap.ufl.edu/#/index ) (note the lack of diphthong, “ae” in Archeology; their spelling, not ours) and then click on the name that pops up to the left, you’ll see the location. Not shown on the map is the small dirt driveway off of Radio Road that leads to the LSA. At its entrance is a small blue UF sign that reads “Florida Museum of Natural History – Special Projects Lab.” Turn in at that sign and follow the dirt driveway up and to the left. The gated entrance to the LSA is at the end, about 200 feet in. The LSA is the green metal building marked “3097.” Call 352-392-6772 to let us know you are coming to visit.

Exterior of the LSA

Laboratory of Southeastern Archaeology

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